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We have all experienced the feeling of un-inspiring Direct Mail communications arriving through the letterbox or landing on your desk – leaflets, brochures or letters.

The same old conventional, rather unimaginative attempts to sell or promote a company, a product or a service.

These poor prints, whilst they may get glanced at, will almost certainly work their way into the bin pretty quickly without much thought.

Only the perfectly timed, extremely relevant brochures will earn the ‘hard-to-achieve’ retention spot on a desk or drawer or bag.  However this is not always an easy task to achieve within the world of marketing.

Stand Out.  Be remembered.

Competing for this retention spot on the desk of a customer or prospective client can be a challenging task.

QUESTION: “How is it achieved?”  What can you do to add value to your communication and have your marketing communication ‘retained’ rather than discarded?

ANSWER: Being unique can set you apart!

What better way than to deliver a handout or direct mail piece that helps you achieve a result that your competitors did not manage to achieve?  A marketing communication solution that captures the attention of your target audience that is engaging, interactive and memorable! A printed product that will not get tossed in the bin?

What is AudioPak?

AudioPak is a creative marketing solution brought to you by Fuse Innovation.  It fuses physical print / packaging, with modern, innovative audio speaker technology to deliver an impactful result in the hand.

Open to printed brochure or presentation box and have an audio message immediately play –  be it a spoken message, a piece of music or a sound clip relevant to your product or brand.

Our audio technology is comprised of super slim, yet high quality components (speakers, PCB and sensors) that can be discreetly fused into slim-line brochures or creative presentation packaging.

Why AudioPak?

Our audio-in-print brochures and presentation box packaging will help give you a competitive edge and help your message stand out and be remembered.

The added value of the speaker technology and the multi-sensory impact it delivers, will help achieve significantly higher product retention and ROI result compared to traditional, print-only brochures and boxes.

Well thought out campaigns with great branding and a corresponding audio will not fail to make people smile and earn its retention spot on the desk!

Product Options

Whilst our AudioPak technology can be fused into pretty much any printed format and creative packaging (big or small), the more popular uses tend to be 4pp printed brochures or rigid-board presentation boxes.

Just open the cover or lift the lid, and the audio message begins to play. Close the lid / cover to silence the message.

Audio-in-Print uses cutting edge technology to ensure the very best creative solution is considered to best suit your product and campaign.  We can work to various budgets to design a product that fits the campaign.  Whether using slide-switch technology to activate the audio, or light sensor tech, magnet tech, hall sensor tech or push button tech, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure the right product for you.

Possible Applications

Our AudioPak audio-in print products can be used for:

  • Direct Mail – through the post
  • Hand outs at events or meetings – in the hand
  • Invitations
  • Product promotion – within presentation

Pricing and Lead Times

For pricing and information, please get in touch.  Just Call, email or fill out the form. We would love to hear from you.

  • We offer low MOQ’s – from as few as 100 units
  • Quick turn arounds – as fast as 10 days
  • Customised solutions – based on your own concepts or designs
  • Our own range of off-the-shelf products – ready to go with quick lead times

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AudioPak work?

Our AudioPaks are creatively designed to look and function effectively and intuitively.

Our standard / conventional AudioPaks (2pp, 4pp, 6pp, sized A6 to A4) are printed on around 280 -350 gsm card and finished with a laminate (gloss or matt).

It is possible to creatively finish the print with emboss, spot varnish, de-boss, die-cutting etc.

When yo open the AudioPak, the pre-loaded audio file will automatically begin to play.  Close the pack to stop the audio from playing.  This automatic playing happens through the use of our sensors, switches or buttons within the AudioPak.  Different audio activation technology may be required for different style of AudioPaks.

AudioPaks have PCBs (that hold all of the electronic components) discreetly hidden within the brochure, card or box.

AudioPaks have batteries and speakers also incorporated into the electronics of the pack.


How long do the packs last?

This depends on the quantity of batteries (2 or 3 – or more) that we use.

Typically, the batteries will last 10-12 months of moderate / occasional use.

The batteries will slowly drain over the course of 1 – 2 years.

What batteries are used in AudioPak?

As standard, we will use 2 or 3 Ag10 button batteries.

We have used more in the past however 2 or 3 batteries is usually the perfect amount for the project requirements.

What length audio can I put on AudioPak?

There is no real maximum audio length that you can put on AudioPak.

If you wanted 10 audio files (for example) that are 1 minute each, we will need to put a bigger memory chip into the AudioPak (and audio control buttons so you can navigate easily)

Typically, as standard, our memory chip will hold 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

Anything more than 30s must be advised in advance so can be specially quoted.

How long does it take to make the AudioPaks?

Lead times will vary depending on the order quantity and the simplicity / complexity of the AudioPak itself.

As a guide:

Standard AudioPak (2pp, 6pp, 6pp, A6 size – A4 size)

100 – 1k of a standard AudioPak product = 3 weeks

2k – 5k of a standard AudioPak product = 4 – 5 weeks

10k – 50k of a standard AudioPak product = 6-7 weeks

Custom designed AudioPak or Presentation Box 

100 – 1k of a custom AudioPak product = 4-5 weeks

2k – 5k  of a custom AudioPak product = 5-7 weeks

10k – 50k of a custom AudioPak product = 6-8 weeks

How much do AudioPaks cost?

The price of our Audio in Print products will vary widely depending on:

  • The order quantity (a lower quantity will have a higher unit cost to a higher quantity)
  • The product itself (a small A7, 2pp AudioPak will have a lower price point to an A4, 6pp AudioPak or a paper-over-board presentation box)
  • The audio file length
  • the battery (if non standard requirement)
  • The print material and print finishing

Price breaks are typically as follows:

100, 200, 300, 500, 1k, 2k, 3k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 30k, 50k, 70k, 100k, 150k, 200k


What speakers do you use in AudioPak?

We will typically use a 30mm or 40mm, 2 to 3W, plastic speaker that is tried, tested and approved by AudioPak as a suitable speaker for promotional use.

The sound output is approximately 70 – 85  decibels.

We will conduct QC tests and work closely with you to ensure you are happy with your audio – sending physical proofs if needs be (at a small extra cost)

What methods can be used to start the Audio playing?

We have a few different options for activating the audio in your Audio in Print, such as:

  1. Slide Switch (like you get in regular birthday cards)
  2. Magnet & sensor
  3. Light Sensor
  4. Motion Sensor
  5. Push Buttom
What is the minimum and maximum order quantity?

There is no order maximum for AudioPak.  If you want hundreds of thousands – no problem.

There is an MOQ of 100 units.


Are the batteries in AudioPak replaceable / rechargeable?

Typically “NO” the batteries are not replaceable or rechargeable.  The coin batteries are an integral part of the AudioPak and are built into the inside PCBA of the pack.

HOWEVER – if having a re-chargeable battery is an important part of your Audio-in-Print project requirement, please let us know and we can design a custom designed pack just for you.

What do I need to provide you with to make my AudioPaks?

In order to provide you with pricing for your Audio in Print, we need to know:

  • Quantity
  • Product details (size, shape, pagination etc)
  • Any special printing requirements (laminates, emboss, spot varnish, die cut)
  • Length of audio

In order to mass produce your AudioPaks, we need your:

  • Artwork (created to the template and specifications that we provide you)
  • Your audio file (MP3 or WAV)

We can advise lead times based on your project requirements.

Can you deliver/distribute my AudioPaks around the world for me?

Yes.  As an additional part of our product design and manufacturing service, we are able to distribute your packs to individuals around the world (whether B2B or B2C).

You can supply us the spreadsheet with the names and addresses (set  out to our template) and we can carry out all the product fulfillment (hand packing), printing and affixing address labels, supplying mailer packaging (envelopes, padded envelopes, printed outer mailers, corrugated enveloped etc).

Depending on the mailing service requires (postal or courier) we can offer proof-of-delivery and trackable service.

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